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It is very important for us to have feedback from clients and friends, only in this way it's possible for us to improve as a brand.

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26 Praça do Príncipe Real
Lisboa, Lisboa, 1250-184


Linkstore is a store that places at the various products and brands of the male universe: shoes, bags, briefcases, wallets, scarves, gadgets and other amazing accessories.




Our brand is the "product" of a 30 year friendship! In 2013 we sat together mulling over ideas for a new business as we were looking for a challenge that could feed on our different expertises - Sales, Management and Product Development.

While we were scouting the trendsetting area of Principe Real we fell in love at first sight with this store at Embaixada and decided right away that we wanted to open our design store there! We called it LINKSTORE, a space for top quality men apparel.

Our Brand

After finding Linkstore we started to create simple, modern and pratical products with a distinctive signature (LKS - LETS KEEP IT SIMPLE).

LKS products are imbued with our philosophy - the idea that quality and affordability may be interdependent -, which is an approach that extends to everything we do. We put our mind and our hearts in every product with our imprint. We choose carefully from the materials we use, the suppliers we select and the people that work with us. It all traces back to those core elements: quality, durability and worth.

LKS products are made by hand with great care for detail in our small workshop in Sintra, with the best Portuguese leathers and fabrics. These materials give them their distinct look, therefore our products may have stains, small repairs, erros, stamps or other natural wear. This is what makes them special: the more you use them, the better they look.

Our commitment is to live up to both our high standards and your high expectations.

LKS creates pieces that are practical, timeless, highly desirable, and durable, so…



At Linkstore we sell our brand's products and other partner trademarks that share our vision. We are located in Principe Real, one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, at Embaixada - the concept store that opened at the iconic Ribeiro da Cunha palace.

We fell in love with our store with its high ceilings, emblematic mantelpiece and big windows facing the bubbly street.